Germplasm Resources

Ornamental Plant Germplasm Center


The Ornamental Plant Germplasm Center is part of the United States Department of Agriculture National Plant Germplasm Network. The OPGC colloboration between the USDA and The Ohio State University's Horticulture and Crop Scienc Department focused on maintaining and studying the genetic diversity of the ornamental plant species. 

Research function of OPGC:

  • Acquiring and maintaining herbaceous ornamental plant species
  • Study and characterize these species
  • Improve the floriculture and nursery industries 
  • Provide a resource for other researchers to use  

Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center


The Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center serves as the germplasm source for the model plant species Arabidopsis thaliana. Researchers from around the world donate and use seed stocks stored at the ABRC facility in Rightmire Hall. 

The ABRC provides:

  • Seed stock and clones of A. thaliana
  • Cell lines and protein resources
  • Cloning vectors
  • Related species seed stocks

Museum of Biological Diversity Herbarium

Museum of Biological DiversityThe Ohio State University Herbarium, part of OSU's Museum of Biological Diversity, is a collection of approximately 500,000 plant and fungal specimens that supports research as well as teaching activities.

The Herbarium provides:

  • Collections
  • Online specimen access
  • Library of 30,000 volumes