Video Tutorials

eXtension Plant Breeding and Genetics

  • eXtension contains dozens of written and video tutorials explaining various concepts related to plant breeding, genetics, and data analysis. 

Plant Breeding and Genetics YouTube Channel

  • This channel has a variety of videos including academic lectures, breeding techniques for a variety of crops, and tutorials using programming environments such as R.

edX Video Courses

  • Video courses that cover data analysis using R, matrix algebra (important for genomic selection), and analysis of next generation sequencing data. 

"Tomato Lab" YouTube Channel

  • YouTube channel maintained by Dr. David Francis has several short videos explaining how crosses are performed as well as a few common lab techniques. 

"Shomu's Biology" YouTube Channel

  • General biology and biochemistry concepts are covered, but many videos focus on principles of Mendelian genetics, heritiability, molecular biology techniques, biotechnology, mapping, linkage, etc. A great supplement for people new to genetics or those who want to brush-up on important concepts.