Undergraduate and graduate students interested in Plant Breeding and Genetics should consider registering for the following courses (in addition to those required for their respective program):

Course number Title Instructor(s) Credit hours (level) Semesters offered
HCS 3420 Seed Science Alex Lindsey 3 (UG) Autumn
HCS 4325 Plant Genetics Leah McHale
David Mackey
3 (UG) Spring
PLTPTH 5603 Plant Disease Management Larry Madden
Sarah Williams
3 (UG/G) Autumn
HCS 5887 Introduction to Experimental Design David Barker 3 (UG/G) Autumn
PLNTPTH 7003.01
HCS 7003.02
Agricultural Genomics, 1
Agricultural Genomics, 2
Guo-Liang Wang
Eric Stockinger
2 (G)
2 (G)
HCS 7625 Plant Breeding & Biotechnology John Finer
Leah McHale
3 (G) Autumn
HCS 8825 Advanced Plant Breeding David Francis
Clay Sneller
3 (G) Summer
HCS 8887 Techniques in Experimental Design Kristin Mercer 4 (G) Spring
HCS 7806 Methods: recent examples include intro to Bayesian statistics, multivariate data methods using SAS & R, field breeding varies 1-2 (G) varies
HCS 8830 Current Topics: recent examples include domestication, genetic analysis of quantitative disease resistance varies 1-2 (G) varies